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Darin L. Arrick
1730 Apollo Rd., #2019
Garland, TX 75044
(469) 235-0218 cell phone

    I have experimented and worked with computers and electronics for over 15 years. My experience includes 
Internet-related technologies such as HTML, Javascript, and system administration; programming languages such as 
C, BASIC, and assembly; operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Unix, and OS/2; and hardware such as IBM PC 
compatibles and digital circuit boards.

    I would prefer to work with the Internet as an Internet Systems Administrator, Network Administrator, Webmaster, 
or Web Site Designer.  I can work in most microcomputer environments doing various tasks.

    August 2001 - Current : Network Administrator for Sprocket Data, Inc. Responsible for building a small
complete web hosting and colocation facility. Built, configured, installed, and maintained multiple servers. Ran
CAT5 cable throughout the office, along rack shelves, and in cabinets. Installed, configured, and maintained Linux and
Windows NT servers. Built, installed, configured, and maintained Linux based firewall. Performed general network
administration tasks. Installed customer machines. Performed customer service duties. Contract job. Company was
formed by my previous boss when ViewInn went out of business.

    February 2001 - July 2001 : Web Designer/Programmer for ViewInn USA, Inc. Was responsible for both internal and
customer web site design and implementation using HTML, Javascript, PHP, and Perl. Administered multiple Linux web
servers,  running RedHat 6.2 or 7.0 and Apache. Evaluate various hardware solutions for our customers. Company ceased
operations in July 2001. My boss went on to found Sprocket Data, Inc.

   October 2000 - December 2000 : Network Administrator/Support for Valor Telecommunications, Texarkana, Texas. 
Was responsible for user support, hardware and software installation, and upgrades on Windows NT Workstation.
Administered Windows NT network logon accounts and Microsoft Exchange accounts.

   January 2000 - March 2000 : Contract Employee for Temporary Services Unlimited, Texarkana, Texas. Upgraded 
40+ machines from Windows 95 to Windows NT Workstation 4.0 at Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant.

   May 1999 - December 1999 : Y2K Application Software Compliance Technician at Christus St. Michael Health Care 
Center in Texarkana, Texas. Created and executed test plans for various software packages. Occasionally assisted 
hardware and software technicians with trouble calls. Contract job.

   September 1998 - April 1999 : Computer Technician and Salesperson at Custom Technologies, Inc., New Boston, 
Texas.  Configured, installed, and repaired of PC clones, servers, and Ethernet networks.  Ran CAT5 cable, set up 
Windows NT 4.0 servers, and designed networks for various customers.Worked with Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 
98, and NT Server and Workstation. Laid off due to lack of business.

   August 1998 - September 1998 : Computer Technician at Computer Link, Texarkana, Texas. Was involved with 
installing, configuring, and troubleshoot ing PC clones, Compaq computers, and Okidata printers. Worked with 
Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, NT Server, Novell Intranetware, and various applications. Laid off due to
cancellation of a customer's project.

    May 1998 - July 1998 : Windows NT 4.0 Installation Technician for Realtime Consulting, placed at Alcon Laboratories, 
Inc.  Was involved with installing, configuring, and troubleshooting Windows NT Workstation 4.0, Windows 95, and 
Microsoft Exchange installations.  Trained users on operations in Windows NT.  Worked on a small amount of intranet 
web page development, including Javascript. Contract job.

   October 1997-March 1998 : Help Desk Analyst Consultant for DMR Trecom, Inc., placed at GTE Communications 
Corporation.  Analyzed and repaired hardware and software issues on PCs running Windows 95 and Windows NT 
Server and Workstation 4.0. Support provided in-person, via telephone, and using remote administration software.
Contract job.

   August 1996-August 1997 : Network Administrator for Turnaround Computing, Inc. Responsible for day to day 
operations of  networks, including TCP/IP, IPX, Windows networking, T1 line, and ADSL line.  Maintained Raptor Eagle NT 
firewall system and researched alternative security solutions.  Worked with Microsoft Windows NT (3.51 and 4.0), 
Windows 95, Windows 3.11, and SCO Unix.  Some web page design in HTML and Javascript. Laid off due to lack
of business.

   February 1995-August 1996 : Internet Systems Administrator and Programmer for Network Cybernetics Corporation.  
Responsible for day to day operations of our ISDN Internet connection and related items, such as various server programs.
Maintained over 10 web sites, some multi-homed.  Submitted domain name registration info to Internic and updated 
name servers.  Registered sites with various search engines. Maintained Unix and OS/2 machines.  Wrote World Wide Web 
pages in HTML.  Wrote various in-house and CGI programs in C and Unix shell.  Also collected and organized files from 
the Internet for CD-ROM file collections.

   April 1994-November 1994 : Custom database programmer for Microdynamics/Gerber Garment Technologies through 
JCS Consulting Services, Inc.  Designed, programmed, and maintained custom networked multiuser database applications 
for clients in the apparel industry, such as Guess, Haggar, JC Penney's, and Macy's. 

   January 1994-March 1994 : Technical Support for Microcomputer Consulting Services. Supported The MCS Appraisal 
System, a form layout and database package for the real estate appraisal industry.

   October 1993-November 1993 : Contract programmer for Spectra Technologies, Inc. Wrote 8051 assembly language 
which controlled a label cutting apparatus.

   August 1992-October 1993 : Customer Services and Technical Support for Microbotics, Inc., manufacturer of computer 
expansion boards for the Amiga and IBM PCs.  Solved customer problems, answered letters, tested various compatibility 
issues, assembled and tested boards, and performed component level repairs using such tools as logic analyzers
and in-circuit emulators.

   Positions prior to 1992 included tasks such as technical support, database development, beta test program coordination, 
operation of bulletin board systems (BBS), retail sales of computers, computer hardware and software installation and 
repair, and supervision of employees.

   College : Attended Tarrant County Junior College, Northeast Campus, for one year. Completed general courses such as 
U.S. Government and English Technical Writing. Returning to school in 2002 to complete my Bachelor's degree.

   High School : Graduated from Richland High School in May 1990. Completed 3 years of Computer Science, 3 years of 
German, and 1 year of Russian.

   All other subjects are self-taught.

   Born October 30, 1971.
   Good Health.
   Experience with foreign languages - German, Russian, Esperanto, Lojban.
   Advanced Amateur Radio License - KB5KHR.
   Have never used drugs.
   Have run a popular web site (20,000+ visitors/month) since June 1995 -
   Helping to start a dynamic site with others via long-distance collaboration.
   Currently building a server to serve my websites using Linux, Apache, PHP, Python, Jabber, and other tools

Professional References:
   Available upon request

I have worked with the following computers:
   All incarnations of IBM PC clones (Intel, Cyrix, and AMD processors)
   Apple Macintosh (Classic, PowerPC, PowerBook)
   Commodore Amiga (all models)
   Altos 486/586

I have worked with the following operating systems:
   Microsoft Windows (v3.0, v3.11, WFW, '95, '98, NT Server/Workstation 3.51 and 4.0, 2000)
   Linux (Slackware, Debian 2.2, RedHat 6.2, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2; kernels 0.99pl1, 2.2.x, 2.4.x)
   MS-DOS (3.3, 4.0, 4.01, 6.22)
   Other Unix (SCO, Solaris)
   OS/2 Warp
   Amiga Workbench (1.2, 1.3, 2.0, 3.0 and later)
   Altos Xenix

I have worked with the following computer languages:
   HTML (3.2, 4.0, XHTML, DHTML)
   UNIX Bourne and C Shell Scripts
   Visual BASIC
   Superbase's Data Management Language (SBL)
   8051, 8086/8088, Z80, 1802, 6800, 6502, 68000 assembly languages

I have worked with the following computer software packages (not an exhaustive list):
   Internet, PPP, TCP/IP Networking (IBM PC/Unix, Microsoft Windows, OS/2)
   Linux-based Firewall Solutions (ipchains, iptables)
   Jabber Open Source Instant Messaging Server and Clients
   GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program; Linux)
   Adobe Photoshop 5.5 (Microsoft Windows)
   Macromedia Dreamweaver (Microsoft Windows)
   Macromedia Fireworks (Microsoft Windows)
   Zope Web Application Framework (Linux)
   GNU gcc C Compiler and associated tools (Linux)
   Microsoft FrontPage (Microsoft Windows)
   Eagle NT Firewall v3.06, v4.0 (Microsoft Windows NT 3.51, 4.0)
   Corel Draw/Paint/Dream v6 (Microsoft Windows 95)
   Microsoft C v7.00 (OS/2)
   IBM CSet++ C Compiler (OS/2)
   Superbase Relational Database (Microsoft Windows, Amiga)
   Turbo Pascal v4.0 (MS-DOS)
   Turbo BASIC (MS-DOS)
   Turbo C (MS-DOS)
   Microsoft QuickBASIC (MS-DOS)
   Microsoft Macro Assembler (MS-DOS)
   Metalink 8051 Cross Assembler (MS-DOS)
   Lattice C v4.0 (AmigaOS)
   Assempro 68000 Macro Assembler (AmigaOS)
   Pagestream Desktop Publishing Software (AmigaOS)
   3D Professional Graphics Rendering and Animation Software (AmigaOS)
   Imagine v2.0 3D Rendering Software (AmigaOS)